Saturday, August 16

I think I could have stayed in bed all day today. But I needed to get my ass out of bed, for no other reason than to get out of bed and get moving! I'm feeling pretty rotten today, so achy and very tired. Showering and getting dressed almost did me in, but moving around tends to help me be less achy. I will take things easy today though, and will probably take a nice long nap this afternoon. The thunderstorms fizzled out last night, I wanted rain, damnit! Nothing much else to write about... I could bitch about a few things my sis Kathy and her asshold husband have done the past few days, but I won't! They're not worth my energy. LOL!! So...I'm going to sit here at the computer for a while and visit all of you instead, THAT is worthy my energy. Enjoy your Saturday!!