Tuesday, August 12

I think I'm going to be bad and take a couple of hours off this afternoon. I'm done with all my database work, and other work - at least the stuff that I had to work on. I'm really tired all of the sudden and my hip is bothering me. I am waiting on some asshole named Jim to get some workshop materials to me to reformat and of course he's waiting until the last minute - he's know about this workshop for 8 frickin months, and was supposed to get the materails to me last week, but did he? No... did he get them to me yesterday? No. Will he get them to me today? No. Will they be in my inbox tomorrow morning? They better be. He said he and another guy would go through them this afternoon and asked "is that OK?" I replied "No, not really since I needed them last week and now you've put me and Debi (who I have to give them to NLT tomorrow) in a real bind." The asshole had the nerve to just shrug. I mean, who the hell does he think he is?! I walked off at the point, I was FUMING. I know the materials are going to be a complete mess, and I have to put them in a common template (in PowerPoint). He's going to have a hissy fit that I've reformatted his stuff, but that's too damn bad. I have management to back me up on any changes I make - and they're just formatting, I wouldn't dream of touching his content. I'm outta here... but not before I go over and tell him the files better be in my e-mail when I get here at 5am tomorrow morning. I'll decide if I'm going to be nice or not while walking to his cubical. ;-) TTFN!