Tuesday, August 5

I DID IT. I registered for two classes today. I?m now officially a college student at a university here on Hill AFB, where I work. Close, convenient, and within my training budget at work. AARRGGHHH can you believe it?!! LOL!!
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It all started last week when I was talking to my boss about what training I could attend this year. He said I had a registration, travel and a 40-hour budget. I searched the internet and couldn?t find any courses that really fit my current position that would be worth while, and others were beyond the scope of my duties. I could have continued taking the one-day courses down in Salt Lake, and get my MS Office Professional Certification, which would certainly look good on a resume and be helpful in my job, but I wanted more. I want something that I could use in life and use to grow. Then it hit me. I?ve been wanting to go back to school, and my boss has supported my goal and has wanted me to go back. There was so many reasons that I felt I couldn?t go back before, health issues and financial. The financial was once approved (by our previous division manager) but I would have to come up with the money first, then be reimbursed which was not possible for me, and then all my health problems hit. There were also personal issues for a long time before all of that though? the bottom line was I just wasn?t ready. For the past few months I?ve felt quite restless and not really knowing why. When the idea of using my ?training bugdet? for school tuition hit me last Thursday night, all the pieces just started falling into place. Things started making sense. Its time for me to do this. I know my health issues are far from over, but they shouldn?t stop me from living life and getting my education. There will be more stress, but a different kind of stress. I?m going to be learning and using this knowledge for my future. I talked to my boss, Timster yesterday and he was so excited! He immediately called our division manager and got his approval for me to attend two terms this year. There?s a possibility that I can continue with school after that, still company sponsored. The other terms will come out of a different ?pot? of money. Tim and I need to talk more to the DM about it later. When I went to pay for the fees today with my corporate credit card, the charge didn?t go through. I about died! I called the customer service line and they said that ?tuition isn?t one of the covered expenses on the card?. Shit? I called Timster and told him what had happened and he offered to put the charges on his personal card and I?ll pay him back when I get reimbursed. I?d come too far to back out ? and he knew it. I was so relieved and am so grateful. He?s such an incredible man! I ended up having to do the same thing with the books that I ordered too ? so silly that these things aren?t covered since its CORPORATE SPONSORED! Registration fees, etc., would have been covered! Sheesh! Anyway, I?m going to send an e-mail to the corporate card people at my company and see if they can fix my card so I can use it for tuition next time. There?s got to be a way around it. So, anyway? I?m going for a BS in Management/Accounting. I?m starting off with Principles of Accounting I, which is 11:30a ? 12:30p M-F, and then Organizational Behavior T & TH 4:30p ? 7:15p (perfect class for ME if I do say so myself, but it sounds interesting and will go towards my human resources part). Classes start August 18 and will go through October 12. Weeee!!! I am so excited yet so a little scared and nervous. Getting back into studying will be tough, but I know I can do it. Just a matter of self-discipline. Right? While I was out, I decided to stop by my old building to see Linda, my buddy Brian, and Sandi!! (Sandi is still over there on temp assignment) I first stopped by Brian and Linda?s office and saw Brian first. He was sitting at his computer, looked up at me and then did a ?double take?. Then he said my name and I went over and gave him a side-ways squeeze and he of course moved his head right into the side of my boob and smooshed it, then grabbed me and put his face right between my boobs! ROFL! I think he was happy to see me! Then he stood up and gave me a proper hug, but with more boob shooshing. I can?t say that I didn?t enjoy it too? tee hee? I?ve missed his harrassment/teasing. He couldn?t get over how good I looked, which really made me feel great! Despite my chipmunk face. Linda was in her cubical and I called over to her and she came running over? she didn?t recognize me from behind (even though I saw her just 2 weeks ago!) She made some comment about my skinny butt. LOL! Not really? not quite but skinner than it used to be! We visited for a few minutes, then I wanted to go see Sandi. Brian gave me another good boob smooshing before I left, and Linda and I went to see Sandi. I almost gave Sandi a heart attack, she was so surprised to see me there! She couldn?t stop grinning and was to tickled to see me. I?ve REALLY missed seeing her every day. We talked for a while, then Linda had to get back to work and so did I. Sandi walked me out, and we kept chatting? and then I ran into my friend Nancy! It was so great to see her too! I need to go visit them more often, its so hard being away from my good friends there. So, its been a really great day!! I?m really pumped about starting school and know I?m up for the challenge! The only draw back is that its going to cut into my internet/blogging/crocheting, reading, watching tv, etc time! Withdrawls!! BUT I can juggle and who knows organize my time better than ever and get more out of it. Oh, another challenge!