Thursday, August 14

Today is the day Colin is to return from his trip! I went and filled out a report about my car being "keyed" yesterday. I knew they wouldn't be able to do anything but I wanted it on record and they need to be aware that its happening at least at our building. It could be happening at others and no one is reporting it. Yesterday afternoon was calm - Debi and I met the deadline for those workshop materials and everything is set. There was a meeting about this whole thing, but Debi and I weren't invited - which was OK with me. I was likely to have blown my top at Jim. I saw him in the hall as I was about to go home and he said, "thanks for all your help with the materials." I just said "You're welcome" as I walked out. I went home and just pretty much crashed, I was so tired. Still not sleeping well, if it keeps up I'm going to ask my general doc next week if I can get something to help me sleep and stay asleep - or at least be able to go back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night. I woke up again at 1:30 and couldn't go back to sleep... so I got up at 3 and came into work early. I'm making up time anyway, for the lunches I've had as well as going home early on Tuesday. We finally got funding for a series of workshops yesterday (we've waited for about 2 months to get approval for these) that will be taught to people here on Hill AFB. I've been asked to handle the registrations and coordinate all the materials and facilities. This will keep me pretty busy, but I like to do stuff like that. I'm hoping my car's digital display is in at the mechanics so I can get it fixed before I start school next week. I called them yesterday to see if it had arrived yet and they were going to call and see where it was, but they never called me back. So I'll call again this morning. I also need to get the safety and emissions done as well. It better pass or I'm in deep shit. ;-) Have a great Thursday everyone! Its my Friday! Woohoo! 3 for Thursday is up - go play!