Saturday, August 2

Good morning everyone! I'm in a pretty good mood today, despite being achy from yesterday's fabric closet cleaning ;-) I'm looking forward to a relaxing day and am going to come around and visit all of you this morning. I do have to run to the bank and to the grocery store a bit later - I forgot one thing yesterday (hate it when I do that). Other than that, I'm free to do whatever I feel like. I found a doily pattern last night that I think will work for my Xmas gifts. The pattern looks easy and shouldn't take long to make each one. I started the doily last night, and perhaps will finish it today. If I like it, then I'll start making them in mass ;-). Update on that "Ellis" story... no one believes he was hit by a car. We believe that he got the shit beat of him, and someone either stole my Dad's bike, took it for money Ellis owed them, OR Ellis just out right sold the bike for his own profit. Kathy doesn't even believe he was hit by a car. He's such a dip shit. I really wish my Dad would take him by the ear, drag him outside and kick his ass to the curb. Or if he'd let me do that, it would be even better. tee hee TTFN!!!!