Saturday, August 9

Last night I watched part of the Piglet movie (finished it this morning!). Its soooo cute! There's something about Winnie the Pooh and the gang that just soothes me. Makes me feel good. The relatives decided to invade again last night. Even though I felt like shit, I decided that I really wanted to be upstairs with them. The pain pills were doing a pretty good job and its not like visiting was physically straining! LOL!! Mom and I threw together some hoagie sandwiches, chips, fruit, etc., and we all ate together. There always has to be food at family gatherings... its part of the enjoyment of life I think! LOL!! People: my aunts Jan, Linda and her hubby Dale, Lou Jean, cousins Dana, Teria and her hubby Jeremy, my nephew Travis, my parents, niece Elyssa and my sister Kathy (she was actually decent to me and everyone else - shocker). After we ate, we decided to have a rousing game of Dominos, a game called chicken scratch. Its a riot! We were all crowded around the table and we laughed and played until about 11pm. Travis had me in tears a couple of times making jokes, he's so funny. He knew I was in a lot of pain, and on pain pills so he really took advantage of the situation - he was getting quite a kick out of making me laugh - I even snorted a couple of times (which made everyone laugh). I even got a few quips in, and cracked Travis up. Our sense of humors are a lot a like. We just all had such a great time! I'm so glad that I joined in the fun and didn't stay down here and suffer - being with all of them really took my mind of my pain. I had a rough night, as far as my stupid shoulder. Every time I moved I woke up UGH. Its feeling slightly better now... I'm staying on top of the pain and taking things easy. I don't want to miss dinner and the play tonight so I'm staying home and resting all day. Mom and Lou Jean are going shopping and wanted me to go too, but I'm staying home. They can go and have some quality time together. In the meantime, I'm going to come around and visit all of you... I may not comment (typing still hurts a bit) then I'm going to eat lunch and take a nap so I'm well rested for tonight. Have a great Saturday everyone!!!!!!!!!!!