Friday, August 22

Whew, what a day. I got everything done I needed to (for today!) done. I don't know how, but I got my cleaning done and managed to lay down for an hour before going to the doctor (my general doc for my blood thinner check). Once at the docs, they poked my finger and tested my blood. The thinners are right on target so I don't have to go back for another month. I also talked to him about not sleeping well, so he prescribed Ambein. I'm going to try it tonight to see how I do on it so there won't be any surprises if I take it on a week/work night. I really don't want to take another medication, but I need my sleep. I think my lack of sleep lately is behind my RA flares. Anyhoo... I came home and picked Mom up and we went to lunch. I was craving an Arby's Beef n' Cheddar like mad so... against my better judgment and not being able to eat red meat I gave into the craving. I was bad, but it felt so good to be bad and tasted soooo good. As for ill effects from my stomach, so far so good. So... things may be healing better than I thought... or maybe it hasn't hit me yet! LOL!! I gotta push the envelope though, don't I? I need to test things out. The next thing I test out will be a tomato out of my Mom's garden. Damnit, I'm gonna have one... or at least a wedge! I've had one bite of watermelon, one bite of cantelope this whole summer and I'm tired of being deprived! I want fresh fruits and veggies!! I've gone without them since January! ARRRGGHHH!!! Do you know how bad I want a salad?! *fit over* LOL!!! After lunch we headed to the grocery store, pharmacy, then to Wal-Mart. Tomorrow is Mom and Dad's 46th wedding anniversary and I wanted to get them something, or give them cash to go to a movie. We made our way to the movie section where we were looking at all the movies tosee if there was something my Dad would like. I found Dad a war movie and then found Mom a CD set of Glenn Miller. Her eyes just let up when she saw it. She said "now I have something GOOD to shake my fanny to while cleaning!" LOL! She cracks me up! We got home, and I call the mechanic to see how my car was coming along. He was able to get the digital display replaced, and was working on the emissions test. It wouldn't pass the first go-around but he knew what to tweak to get it to pass, so he told me to come get 30 mins later. He said the "stalling" was due to the odometer/dash not being hooked up and was confusing the computer. So... no more repairs! Woohoo! Which is good, cuz $653 busted me! Most of it was the digital display and he gave that to me at his cost which I was so grateful for. He's one good mechanic and will definitely go back to him if I need to. The car ran soooo good coming home and the display lights up like a Christmas Tree! Now I just have to wait for my tax bill to come and I'll be able to renew it for another year. Last year the taxes were a wopping $35 LOL! I can handle that! I need to do some studying this weekend, on the first two chapters of my accounting class. We covered the stuff in class, but I really want to grasp every concept and retake some notes. I also have my first homework assignment to do. We did an example in class yesterday so we'd know how to do this homework. I should be able to do it, I understood everything we did in class. Its not due until Wednesday. I really like this teacher ;-) He gives us plenty of time to do things. He even said we might have this next Friday off too if things went well during the week, and especially since it was Labor Day weekend. I'm feeling so much better tonight, even after having such a busy day. The pain is almost all gone, and I'm not feeling quite as weak. But...I better get my butt away from this computer and into my recliner now and rest so I don't have a relapse. I don't want to push too hard. I've been around to visit some of you, but will finish tomorrow morning! Good night!!