Tuesday, August 19

I am so tired! I think I only got about 3 hrs sleep last night between my hip hurting (RA flare) and my mind not shutting up again. I'm stressing out about my car, finances, etc., the mechanic called me yesterday and told me that my digital display (that we've been waiting to come in from the exchange place for over 2 weeks) was going to cost me an additional $200. Shit. They need to do the safety and emissions tests as well on Friday and I sure hope it passes. I'm not worried about the safety but am about the emissions. Just call me a worry wart cuz that's what I am. I hate being a grown up sometimes. If its not one thing, its another. I was going through my prescriptions and noticed its time to get the 90 day supplies again... yes, shit again. That will cost me around $350 (saving a bundle getting the 90 day supply - and you all know how I LOVE a bargain LOL!!). I need that Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes van to pull in my driveway on August 28. Gimme that million... I could use it, and I'd use it very well indeed. I have a pretty busy day today, my to-do list is pretty long in my planner. We'll start actual work in my accounting class today, and then my Organizational Behavior class starts tonight right after work. My boss will be out of the office at noon and irritating Greg is in Wash DC (but will be here tomorrow, damnit! I tried to schedule his trip for a longer period of time, but it didn't work out tee hee) so I'll have the cubical allllll to myself this afternoon. So if I get busy and get all my work done, I can cause some trouble or at least do some serious blog hopping! Here's a cute pic... have a great day everyone!