Thursday, August 7

YAAAWN! Another rather sleepless night... woke up at 1am to muscle cramps in my feet and legs then my mind wouldn't shut up again. Took muscle relaxants so I'm feeling nice and goofy. Weeee... Today is my Friday - YAY! I will only have one more entire Friday off (next week) while I'm in school so I gotta enjoy these last two Fridays. I'll have class and I will probably have to work a couple of hours before class on Fridays to make up for travel time to my class, etc., I'll survive though... LOL!!! I've been spoiled for quite some time. I haven't taken any lunches this week, (worked 11 hr days) so I'll be off at 12 today... then I've got a 1pm doc appt for my Remacade treatment. So it will work out good. I've got a book with me, and should finish it today while sitting there with the IV. Then I'll run a couple of errands and head for home. Can't think of anything else to say right now... hope everyone has a great day... and go play 3 for Thursday.