Tuesday, August 12

Good morning! We made it to Tuesday! YAY! I had a hell of a time getting home last night. There was a big wreck at a junction of two freeways. Luckily I heard it on the radio that all 4 directions were closed so I was able to get off on an earlier exit, but then had to deal with traffic in town which is normally heavy anyway, but was pretty much at a stand still because a lot of other people had the same idea I did. Anyway, it took me 30 mins longer to get home than usual, an hour total...in 103 degrees. Too damn hot. I was soooo ornery and exhausted by the time I got home. I felt sorry for all the people stuck on the freeway though, with no escape but to sit there and wait it out. I was really shocked that someone actually reported it to the radio, since Ogden isn't always covered on the traffic watch, usually Salt Lake is the only area. So, once I got home, I grabbed a sandwich for dinner, checked my e-mail and watched Days of Our Lives that I'd taped. I went through my mail and then started watching an old Disney movie called Gus with Don Knotts. I didn't get too far into it until I fell asleep. I was in a nice slumber when a stupid telemarketer called at 8:30. That pisses me off to no end. I cannot wait until that law takes effect for the "do not call list". I told them to take me off their list AND I didn't appreciate being called so late. She said "Well, ma'am the law states that we can call until 9pm." I replied, "Well how would you feel if you had to get up at 3:30 am and you were woken up by some irritating bitch trying to sell you something?" "Click" tee hee I'm sure being telemarketer really has to be one of the suckiest jobs in the world, so frustrating, getting rude people on the phone, getting a lot of rejections, but ya know... its also an invasion of MY privacy. I pay to have my number non-published and non-listed for a reason. I do not want to be called by anyone that I don't give my number to. Plain and simple. If they want to sell me something, send me something in the mail. I'm having lunch with my friends Linda, Gordon and Brian today. This is will be my "last week" for a quite a while that I'll be able to go to lunch with friends since I'll have lunch time classes starting next week. We're going to Famous Dave's BBQ and I'm hoping the ham sandwich will be something I can eat. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of them... and who knows, maybe I'll get another boob smooshing from Bri. tee hee