Thursday, August 7

Today's Remacade treatment went well, and the details are on my Health Log. I ran my errands, came home, and then...Holy shit! Relatives invaded for dinner! 7 cousins, 3 Aunts, 1 Uncle, 3 friends, 1 sister (Susie - my fav came over!), and two parents and me (I almost feel like bursting out it song here, the 12 days of Christmas). We had pizza and salad. It was a lot of fun, but man it was crowded! Fantastic to see all of them. Tomorrow will be some galavanting with 2 of the aunts, possibly 3, my Mom, and one friend. I've got to get up early and take my car in to get the exhaust leak looked at, and if I have time before the galavanting, it needs a lube job too. If I don't get around to it tomorrow, I'll do it Saturday, when everyone else wants to do it too - (that is get their CAR lubed) tee hee I thought that sounded kinda naughty. OK... inside joke or I'm so damn tired that I find myself very amusing. It was probably the "lube job" that got me giggling... yes, I need a lube job. Everyone needs a lube job from time to time. I just finished dusting and cleaning my bathroom. The rest is just gonna have to wait until tomorrow night or Saturday morning because I'm just too tired to do any more. I'm going to bed! I hope everyone has a great Friday!!!