Saturday, August 31

Oh my hell - I just had to share this. Sometimes I just crack myself up. Here's a conversation with "the Dude" from this morning... aren't I a shit? Dude: who won the football game? toad_6977: We did Dude: who's we and who did they beat toad_6977: Was a good game, glad I went. toad_6977: They beat the other team! Dude: your crazy what schools? toad_6977: High schools Dude: i know that what school beat the other school toad_6977: We beat the other school toad_6977: How ya feeling? Dude: annoyed what school beat the other school toad_6977: One high school beat the other one. Dude: you dont even know thats funny toad_6977: I don't know? Dude: you dont know what high school you went and watched it at? toad_6977 (09:24:41 AM): Yeah, I know... just giving you shit Dude: damn so who beat who? toad_6977: We beat them! Dude: you dont know that is so funny toad_6977: I know... Dude: or you didnt go toad_6977: Yes, I went. Dude: yes but who won? toad_6977: WE DID! Dude: nevermind i dont care toad_6977: OK - dropped! Are you feeling better? Dude: no you just annoyed me Dude: weber def bonneville Dude: davis def brighton Dude: mountain crest def fremont Dude: lone peak def northridge Dude: ogden def judge mem Dude: viewmont def woods cross Dude: box elder def pleasnant grove Dude: roy def ben lomand toad_6977: Woohoo! Dude: do any of these ring a bell toad_6977: Yeah... why? Dude: so who won the game you watched toad_6977: We did!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude: i know that but what school won toad_6977: Weber, Davis, Mt Crest, Lone Peak, Ogden, Viewmont, Box Elder and Roy. toad_6977: I'm being quite a shit today, aren't I? Dude: your more paranoid than i thought toad_6977: Paranoid? Dude: or fucked in the head what do you call it toad_6977: You flatter me... toad_6977: Why do you want to know "who" so bad? Dude: get better please toad_6977: LOL! He came on later and asked "why did I do that" so I told him it was because he pushed me too far too fast AND scared the hell out of me. We won't be talking any more, he said he'd leave me alone. Bye bye then! About 5 minutes later, he sends me a message saying "you're deleted." I wrote back and said "You too." Damn! I'm seriously laughing my ass off here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last little jab?! Ouch - not!