Wednesday, August 7

HumpDayHump ACT III, Scene V: *We are standing in line for concessions at the movie theater before our movie starts. Chatting since the loser behind the counter is going so s-l-o-w!!* Quiet on the set! Roll tape! ACTION! ME: I'm so glad we decided to see *Signs*! I love movies! It is my escape to leave Bob with the kids and head to a 7pm movie at least twice a month. Chic flicks, of course, are my first choice. But I do love movies concerning the supernatural. I don't mind horror flicks if they are more suspense than gore. I hate gore and war movies. What are your favorite types of movies? You: You know me, I love anything for a good laugh, cry, or a good action... a gorgeous guy doesn't hurt either. ME: Any movie with Liam Neeson or Nicolas Cage in it, is a favorite of mine! I also really like Ashley Judd's movies. Any actors or actresses you favor? You: I'm with you on Nicolas Cage and Ashley Judd. I also like Sandra Bullock's movies too. Oh, and lets not forget the gorgeous Mel Gibson, Matthew McConaughy, Kevin Costner, etc. They just *do* things to me. Mmmm! ME: I hate it when people clap at the end of a good movie. It is just so damn corny. You aren't going to clap are you? You: Hell no! If it ain't live, why clap?! ME: Finally at the front of the line!! I want a large coke and some nachos, cheese on the side, please. What are you getting?You: Oooo... bottle of water and a big pickle. Just love those big pickles. I like to start eating them before the movie starts, makes the men drool and their women give me dirty looks. Licking the juices from the sides, putting the whole tip of the pickle in my mouth... oh boy! *snicker* ME: I better pee before I go in. You gotta go or are you going to snag us some seats? You: Need you ask? I always gotta pee! CUT!!!