Wednesday, August 28

I innocently went over to Linda's office this morning to see her, but she wasn't in. My buddy B was there though, and he could tell I didn't feel well, so asked me what was wrong so I told him (dizzy, headache, yucky). Then he asked if I was pregnant! That got a big chuckle out of me - yeah right - like that's even remotely possible! LOL!! Then I went over and gave him a hug for making me laugh. I made the mistake of giving him a side hug while he was sitting and me standing. He put his arm around my waste gave me a friendly squeeze, then pulled me in closer and put his head right smack into my boob! Oh my!!!! Woooo! Flustered! I laughed then started to leave, he called after me, just so I'd turn around so he could see how red it was! ROFL!!!! He's such a funny guy! Lesson learned: don't hug B in that position ever again.