Saturday, August 31

I'm so glad I went to Adam's football game last night, it was a great game. Adam's team won in overtime 24 to 21. Woohoo! This was the first game ever that I've been able to sit with my other nephew Travis at a football game. He's usually the one playing, or he didn't go to Adam's games before. I also got to see my sis-in-law (HI PATTI!) and got caught up with her on things that have been happening. Its been nearly 2 months since we've talked... she's the sweetest and we all thank God that she (and her kids) came into my brother's life. This morning I managed to get up and mow the lawn. I decided I was going to hurry and mow before my meds kicked in and I got dizzy. It worked for the most part, I'm pretty dizzy now but its definitely getting better each day as my body gets used to it. While I was outside, a cute little orange tabby kitty came strolling by. He was sooooooo sweet! Very friendly so I picked him up and loved him for a couple of minutes. Probably the wrong thing to do because he stayed. When I was out back mowing the lawn, it jumped up on our deck and was fighting with my cat through the screen. My Mom was very protective of her grandchild and told me to get rid of the kitten before it gave Ashley a heart attack. LOL!! I tried, I really did but the little cute bugger kept coming back. My Dad is going to take it around the neighborhood and see who it belongs to. Plans for today are to visit everyone, bask in the sun, take a nap, and make fresh kick-ass salsa with things from the garden (MMMMMM!). Have a great day everyone!