Tuesday, August 27

This or That 1. Tell us a little about the first car you owned/leased/drove -- i.e. what it was like, what you loved/hated about it, etc. I still have my first car! 1987 Chevy Cavalier Z-24. I love the digital display, how it drives, its sporty. I wish it weren't getting old though. Its been a fun car to have. 2. This is a two part question: first, do you consider yourself a good and/or courteous driver and second, what's one of your biggest pet peeves with other drivers? Yes, I'm pretty courteous unless there's an asshole that doesn't deserve courtesy. Biggest pet peeves are the drivers who KNOW a lane is ending but pass you and try and butt in line way up ahead instead of just getting in line when they can, those drivers who cannot go the speed limit, who can't get up to freeway speed while entering the freeway - then have no clue how to merge, the ones who don't use signals (expects us to read their minds), and the ones that don't pay attention. Sorry - couldn't pick just ONE pet peeve. Tuesday Too 1.) Are you dreaming now? How do you know you are, or how do you know you're not? I feel like I'm dreaming, but know I'm not. I've pinched myself and it hurt. 2.) What's going on that really makes your life a source of wonderment? Life is always a source of wonderment whether its happening to you right now or someone else. There are things that make you say "Hmmm..." every day. My head is just too fuzzy to think of any examples. 3.) Why do you think you're here, and where is "here" anyway? I'm here for some purpose, haven't quite figured that out yet though. Here is on earth, in the USA, Ogden, Utah in front of my computer.