Thursday, August 22

I'm very mischievous today for some reason... I guess after answering the last question on Three for Thursday, I decided its high time to get Linda back for registering me with that dating service. Now, its certainly not the most original idea, but I decided to do the same to her. I registered her with an obscure on-line dating service with the name LoverGirl1956. Gave them her Hotmail address, and said her status was "married but we're swingers" (that was the best one!) but looking for anyone and anything. Bit evil, I know, but I couldn't help but laugh myself silly and almost peed my pants trying to stifle the giggles. She hasn't discovered this yet, so I shall just sit back and wait it out. I may giggle when I see her but she won't know what its about, and may drive her nuts until she does figure it out! Paybacks are a bitch, aren't they? LOL! All in fun though, all in fun!