Tuesday, August 20

This or That 1. CandyLand or Chutes and Ladders? I really loved both games, but I think I liked the Chutes and Ladders better cuz you got to play with the little buckets and cherries. 2. Barbie or GI Joe? Barbie, had lots of Barbies. GI Joe was OK, a real manly man but I liked Ken - he really knew how to treat a lady when Joe was all caught up in blowing stuff up. 3. Play-Doh or Silly Putty? I loved both! Silly putty was fun because it would stretch and you could make imprints of comics on it, etc., but with Play-Doh you could make stuff with and it kept the shape. 4. Lincoln Logs or Tinkertoys? Tinkertoys - more versatile than the logs. 5. The Game of Life or Monopoly? Again, a tough choice. I really loved both games, but I had to quit playing Life because someone stole all the people. I think I know who it was - I think it was my mean, rotten sister Kathy. She loved (and still does) to torment me. 6. Etch-a-Sketch or Lite-Brite? Ohhhh... Lite-Brite! I loved seeing the different colors all lit up. Still had fun with the Etch-a-Sketch though... loved shaking it up! 7. The Slinky: metal or plastic? Metal. It made a cooler noise. 8. Easy-Bake Oven or Sno-Cone Machine? Easy-Bake Oven. I never had a Sno-Cone Machine, Santa wouldn't bring it. 9. Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars? Hmmmm...Hot Wheels. 10. Spirograph or Paint-by-Numbers? Spirograph!! Tuesday Too 1.) Here's something to RANT about: "Nigerian woman loses battle..." This is soooo wrong. There are children born out of wedlock every day - no one should be put to death for it. Who do these bastards think they are?! Oh - and why aren't the MEN punished??????????????????? 2.) After reading the above article, most questions seem trivial; however, isn't something like this beyond toleration/acceptance of "other cultures ways of doing things? Absolutely. Sex is a natural part of life and I don't think any government has a right to say anyone can't do it - if they're both responsible (i.e., birth control, etc.,) adults and its consensual then, let them go for it. 3.) Explain your yes position on question # 2, and tell us what should/can we as individuals, or nations do about it? If you answered no to question # 2, tell us why we should should close our eyes to injustice in other nations. I don't even know where to start since its another country and obviously we'd be dealing with idiots.