Friday, August 30

I got up this morning and ate breakfast while checking my e-mail but limited my time on the computer to 30 minutes before getting my cleaning done. That was rough. I usually chat with Emma and Colin while cleaning, but they weren't around today, and let me tell you, cleaning without them seems like a huge chore. I was pretty dizzy and not feeling that well, but I soldiered on. I decided to put a favorite movie in and watch it while cleaning, I chose "Shag" (the movie - if the activity were available I would have chosen it, most definitely but settled for the movie). My bedroom needed a good, thorough cleaning so that's what I did. I took it slow and easy and managed to get it all done, then I did the rest of the basement. Was done by 11am. I got back on the computer and read some blogs, then I headed outside to bask in the sun... ahhhh... not very hot today so I enjoyed it. Then I came inside and had meself a nice nap. Tonight I'll be going to watch my nephew play football for his high school. I really love watching him play. I've had some interesting - if not kinda scary yet funny conversations this last week. There's a guy - we'll call him Dude that I've been chatting with off and on over the past 6 months or so. More off than on, I guess because I'm not on ICQ a lot and he is, but since Sunday we've talked on Yahoo. So anyway, he's been off work, ill all week, so he's been home to talk more - all of the sudden decided to make me his new conquest. He tried for 4 days. These are some of the quotes from conversations we had. Dude: "Friends make out." Me: "No they don't" Dude: "Friends kiss, hold hands, hug, etc." Me: "They hug, yes, the rest, no." Dude: "Friends have sex." Me: "F*cking friends, yes. I don't want to be your f*cking friend." Dude: "Will you go out with me?" x 26 times Me: after saying no 25 times, I finally said, "Yes, but only as friends, we'll go dutch." Dude: "You're so beautiful I want to kiss you, make out with you." yadda yadda yadda x 100 Me: "Thank you, but quit it - you're embarrassing me and I'm NOT going to kiss you or make out with you. My heart is somewhere else." Dude: "Let me be there for you then." Me: "NO. Will not use you like that - my heart stays is where my body is. They don't seperate." Dude: "I'm so looking forward to having the best looking lady in the restaurant on my arm. All the guys will be jealous." Me: "Yeah, right." Dude: "Lets get a house together and in a couple of years make Indian babies (he's Indian)." (THIS was my personal favorite! LOL!!)Me: "Thanks, but no thanks. That is NOT going to happen" Dude: "I love you, Karen" Me: "AAARRRRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" OK - so after he dropped that bomb, I freaked out. The next day I told him how much that freaked me out and he apologized and said to ignore anything he said the day before because his health wasn't right. Well, something sure as hell wasn't right. I was supposed to meet him tonight for dinner, but its not going to happen. I feel bad for him, but I can't help but laugh! I feel like a bitch! I wonder if he thought I was someone very vulnerable and easy prey for a lay... hmmm... for the right guy, I could be, yes. But not for any guy. He probably hadn't met such a stubborn woman in his life. LOL!!