Wednesday, August 28

Three for Thursday - Time Travel A collaboration between Colin and I. Bonus: If you could jump in a time machine, what time era and where would you choose? I would choose the medieval times, between 1200 – 1400. 1. What are three things you’d like to see when you got there? Castles, Knights, and a some jousting. 2. What are three things you’d really miss about the present? Modern conveniences, loved ones/friends, and my jockey tanks and panties. 3. What are three things you’d want to take with you – as a means to help the people of that time? Medications for healing, books for learning, and peace. 4. What are three things you’d want to bring back to the present? My Knight in Shining Armor, a cool dagger, and treasures/antiques! Leave your URL in my comments if you answer the questions and we'll visit you to see your answers :-)