Saturday, August 17

Here are some of the latest searches that have landed people to my blog: Google: theory of menstruation ROFL! OMG! Have I ever talked about such things on my blog? Me thinks NOT! Yahoo: www.exercist movie .com Run out of room screaming - HATE that movie. Google: poy little sex Poy?? (see Note below) Definitely very little sex happening here though, damn it. Google: teasing to flirt *snicker* Google: cute smilies Ahhh... yes, like that one. Google: man grabbed my brother and i got away leaving my shoe 1997 death of brother - Huh!?? Please repeat that! Yahoo: blogspot 100 things about me - Yup, got those! Yahoo: Help get home for dinner, watch for falling things and mice cat online game OK... someone really needs help. Google: root canals aren't so bad If you're lucky! Google: how to get rid of mexican hornets Run away screaming again. Google: famous corn cob songs Yup, this is the place for those! Google: yahoo naughty smilies Yeah, tell me where I can find those! MSN Search: flash e - cards of the muppet show Hmmm... Google: "Ask Sadie" Nope sorry, wrong number. No Sadie here. Yahoo: marlena days grease Love Days of Our Lives... but Marlena isn't greasy. Google: karen Yes....?? Google: Cowgirl Sex Position How Woohoo - GIDDEE UP! *snicker* Note: I had to look the word "poy" up in the dictionary. I'm still confused about what it has to do with little sex, or am I just missing something here? \Poy\, n. [OF. apui, apoi, a support, prop., staff, F. appui, fr. OF. apuier, apoier, to support, F. appuyer, fr. [`a] to (L. ad) + OF. pui, poi, a rising ground, hill, L. podium. See Podium, Pew.] 1. A support; -- used in composition; as, teapoy. 2. A ropedancer's balancing pole. --Johnson. 3. A long boat hook by which barges are propelled against the stream. [Prov. Eng.] --Halliwell