Thursday, August 22

Three for Thursday! A collaboration between Colin and I. 1. What are three weird/strange/funny things you've seen in the past week? A postman in his shorts uniform driving a really nice Harley, complete with those leather strips flying from the ends of his handlebars. Pictures of starlings stealing money from a car wash machine. A rainstorm with drops so big that they reflected the sun that was on the horizon, looked like iridescent balls falling. 2. What are three of the wackiest things you've ever done? Not counting jokesc and right off the top of my head…Asked all the guys I passed “How’s it hangin’?’’ Slung a giant stuffed penis on my shoulder and walked into a club. Walked around with a gummy penis stuck to my forehead. (hmmm… am I obsessed? My friends and I do get carried away when we get together! *snicker*) 3. What are three practical jokes someone has played on you? Saran wrap on the toilet (under the seat), turned everything in my cubical upside down or backwards, and put pull-apart firecrackers on my car door so they exploded when I opened it. BONUS: If you could play a practical joke on someone, what would it be and whom would you do it to and why? I would collect a ton of packing peanuts and fill Linda’s car full of them. She recently she signed me up for an on-line dating service without my knowledge. I actually started collecting these peanuts a couple of years ago to pay her back for something else and had quite a few, but we lost our storage area so I was told to toss them. I was so upset because I didn’t have room for them at home either and Linda was out on medical leave so I couldn’t get to her car at the time. Leave your URL in my comments so we can see your answers :-) have a great day everyone!!