Wednesday, August 7

Three for Thursday a collaboration between Colin and I (with help from Fluffy Muppet). 1. What three events have changed your life? (Other than 911 - See the Bonus Question) Going to England!!, Almost losing my parents to illnesses, and getting Rheumatoid Arthritis. 2. What are three things you collect? Pigs, cats, Winnie the Pooh stuff. 3. What are three things you once took for granted but no longer do? Pain-free life, family, and friends. 4. What are three things that you've always wanted to do, and do you plan on doing any of them? Get my degree, fall in love, and buy a house. Yes, I plan on doing all of them… if I'm fortunate enough. Bonus: How has your life changed since 911? More aware of what goes on around me and making me realize just how vulnerable anyone is to violence. Its also made me realize how fortunate I am not to have lost any loved ones, and makes my heart ache for those who did.