Wednesday, August 21

Here for just a few to post the HumpDayHump. I really hate it when work interferes with my blogging time. Just hate it. But I'd rather be busy than twiddling my thumbs or is it my boss that likes that... because when I'm busy, I'm less likely to stir up trouble in the way of practical jokes. Ah well... he's out this week but has left me plenty to do. I was able to finish the majority of my financials yesterday - at least the balancing part so happy about that. Going to lunch with my friend Cindy today and looking forward to that. We're doing Mexican as usual... cha, cha, cha! Can just taste those cheese enchiladas now! Mmmm! Hopefully will have something more exciting to blog about when I get home tonight if not, then I won't! tee hee OK - here's my HumpDayHump. Act IV Scene I: *I am chatting to you on Yahoo (ugas1) since we can't hang tonight. Bummer.* Quiet on the set! Roll tape! ACTION! Me: Yeah, I wish I could go out tonight too. A movie or just a jaunt through Barnes and Nobles would be divine right now but my daughter has pneumonia. Yep. You heard me right. P-New-Monia. Her asthma makes her prone to it when she gets respiratory illnesses. It's walking pneumonia so she isn't bedridden or anything. Have you ever had it, pneumonia that is? You: I've had the "Walking Pneumonia", but survived and never hospitalized. I'm so sorry she's sick, that's so scary! Me: I had it in high school my senior year. I have never broken a bone though. Well I did fracture my pinky. Rather that little shit in grammer school fractured it when he tried to punch me in order to get the basketball back. Have you ever broken or fractured anything? You: I fractured my middle finger, and no - I wasn't flipping anyone off. I hit it with a sledge hammer while splitting a log for the wood stove. I also broke my foot by going outside in the middle of winter to get some snow to eat (fresh snow - yum) in my bare feet (really bright, I know) and slipped on the deck. My foot hit so hard that it fractured a bone. Then I've broken my pinky toes too many times to count. I'm such a clutz. Me: I don't fear death. I do wonder what will happen after I die though. Will I just go to sleep until the Second Coming of Jesus (what I was taught) or will I be reincarnated in order for my soul to learn more life lessons or what? I favor the first theory. What do you believe will happen? You: I believe parts of both theories, there are definitely times that I feel like I've lived other lives before. I believe when people die, they go onto another place but also their spirits never leave us. Me: If you could ask God to abolish one disease, only one, which one would you choose? You: That's a hard one since there are so many terrible diseases, but I'd have to say cancer. Me: Have you ever given cryogenics a thought? You know, freezing yourself Austin Powers style. Like you could freeze yourself until there was a cure and then your decedents could thaw you out and cure you and go on to live a wonderful life with you disease-free. Would you do it or consider it for a loved one? You: Burrr! I don't think I'd freeze myself or a loved one because I'd be without them. Me: Want me to make a bracelet or necklace for you? You: Sure, if you're that bored! Thanks! Me: Don't have too much fun tonight without me! What are your plans? You: Well, I do have to go to work in the morning, so I'm afraid fun is out for tonight... unless a certain guy comes my way. Me: Gotta bolt. See ya' later on! Byebye. You: Cut!!