Monday, August 12

Monday Mission 1. If I could guarantee that the Fashion Police would not lay the smackdown on you, which favorite out-of-style article of clothing do you wish you could wear right now? Comfy knit shorts, and a big t-shirt. 2. In your opinion, who is famous but shouldn't be? Anna Nichole Smith 3. Are there any new movies or TV shows that you are forward to this fall? Movies: I Spy, Sweet Home Alabama, Banger Sisters. I'm sure there's more, just can't think of more. TV shows - haven't checked out the schedule yet, but the Inlaws looks pretty funny. 4. If you had a time machine that you could use only one time (there and back), where would you go and what would you do? I'd want to go back to the Medieval times, live in a big castle and meet the man of my dreams, then bring him back with me! ;-) I'm a hopeless romantic, does it show?! 5. What cologne of perfume do you like to wear? Which brand do you prefer that your partner wear? I wear Obsession... don't care which one my partner wears as long as he smells unbelievably good and makes me go crazy every time I smell him. 6. Do you recall your first "French kiss?" Tell me about how that felt, and how it came about. Do you like them? First French kiss was horrible... it was by some guy that came to one of my parties and tried to get it on with all my friends, then chose me last as he was heading out the door. His breath tasted like stinky feet and his mouth pretty much covered my nose as well as my mouth. Yuck. No, don't like him. 7. Excluding your partner...If you had the opportunity, who would you most like to French kiss? Hmmm... so tough to choose just one... Nicolas Cage, Kevin Costner, Matthew McConaughy, Tom Cruise... the list could go on and on... BONUS: Can't you see that it's late at night? Yeah... so? I want you anytime, any place, babe! Woohoo!