Tuesday, August 6

Poor Chelene (a lady from work) is off with the flu. Janna, Nicole and I just decided to share some get-well wishes for when she comes back to work. We sabotaged her cubical. (bwaahahhaahhaa) These are the major things we did: * Took all her cough drops out of the bag and lined them up along her desk * Took some Vaseline chapped lip stuff and smeared it on her ear piece on her phone * Taped down the receiver on the phone so it will keep on ringing when she gets a call * Taped the mouse ball from the inside (Janna is brilliant!) * Took the keyboard and mice from her two computers and switched cords so one now controls the other * Unplugged all power cords and desk lights * Put paper-punches and put in her Kleenex box so when she pulls tissue out, confetti will fly * Emptied out rocks from a vase and made a cute smiley on her desk (who can get pissed looking at such a cute smile??) * Taped her microphone input She'll be finding things for hours! LOL!!! Yes, I know… paybacks are a bitch, but that is what makes things so fun!