Monday, August 26

Monday Mission 1. What do you do to make things better when you feel sad and/or lonely? I like to talk to one of my friends, or snuggle up with my cat and read a good book or watch a good movie. Once in a while I'll cheer myself up with a yummy treat, but try to stay away from that so I don't get back in the habit of eating when I'm sad. 2. Are you a "touchy-feely" person? That is, do you like to touch people you don't know that well? And on the flipside of that, do you like being touched by someone you aren't close with? I don't touch people I don't know well, and don't like being touched by someone I don't know well either. I don't mind a hand on my shoulder but not hugs from people I don't know. 3. Do you like to have "me" time, time to yourself to be alone and relax? Or do you prefer to just do your own thing with someone else in the room? When was the last "me" time you got and what did you do? I do love my "me" time, BUT if I had a man to love, I'd rather do something to/with him *snicker*. Yes, most definitely would rather have him than be alone. 4. Generally speaking, how do you feel about the concept of marriage? Are you the marrying type? Do you think the act of getting married means something today or is it simply just "a piece of paper?" I never thought I'd want to get married, but I do now if I find the right man. Its more than a piece of paper to me, its a commitment and something special between two people. 5. That said, as many as 25 states have passed legislation regulating who they believe should be the "marrying type." What are your thoughts on the banning of same-sex marriages? I surely wouldn't marry another woman, but hey, if two people of the same sex want to - more power to them. 6. If there was one law you had the ability to create or change, what would it be? Less rights for murders and rapists. 7. What would you like someone visiting your Blog for the first time to know about you? Now is your chance! I'm a goof! BONUS: Can you hear them? Yes, how could I not! I think we should be making some of those noises ourselves, don't you think? *wink* Maybe we could make more noise than them!