Tuesday, August 13

This or That 1. Dr. Seuss characters: the Cat in the Hat or the Grinch? Cat in the Hat 2. "Anne of Green Gables" or "Little Women"? Little Women 3. Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys? Hardy Boys 4. Winnie the Pooh characters: Tigger or Eeyore? Now that's hard to choose. Tigger is so bouncy and fun, yet Eeyore is sooooo sweet and cuddly. Nope, can't choose. 5. Which author: Judy Blume or Beverly Cleary? Judy Blume 6. Roald Dahl books: "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" (Willy Wonka) or "James & the Giant Peach"? Willy! Gotta love those Willies *snicker* 7. "Harry Potter" or "The Wizard of Oz"? Harry Potter - he's not as whiny as Dorothy and can do cool stuff. 8. Curious George or Madeline? Curious George, cute little monkey. 9. "A Wrinkle in Time" or "Little House on the Prairie"? Little House. 10. Dr. Seuss again: "Horton Hears a Who" or "The Lorax"? Horton. Tuesday Too 1.) What is your favorite freeware program? If you don't have have one you might want to check out some freeware sites. I don't really have one... unless you'd call Yahoo Messenger and ICQ freeware ?? 2.) Do you think the way the internet has changed the world is essentially a good thing? Why or why not? Yes, definitely. Information at your fingertips and its opened so many doors to meeting new people and friends around the world. Great way to share your thoughts and ideas. 3.) Is there something that's really bothering you these days? It might be personal, political, scientific or just downright kinky. What is it? I'd have to say all the injustices, terrorism, starvation and poverty in the world.