Wednesday, August 14

Mom made it back from her trip to the cabin with Susie, Kathy, the baby, and my Aunt last night. I'm now officially off duty for looking after Susie's apartment (and chatting with her fish!) as well as Pickle Duty for Mom. Pickle Duty involved straining sweet syrup (for 4 days) off two batches of sweet pickles then adding more sugar, boiling it, then pouring the syrup back over the would-be pickles. I did very well and Mom was grateful. She arrived home just in time to pickle them today. Sweet pickles - or at least this recipe of my Grandmother's takes about 10 days to make. They're quite yummy, I just love pickles. Sandi was giving me a hard time yesterday about thinking I messed up Mom's pickles from being "distracted" and thinking of other kinds of pickles. These were the smaller variety, like a gherkin. I'd have to go elsewhere (namely the movie theatre) for the big pickles I do so enjoy... but of course I have to go other places for the other type of "pickle" I wish I were eating. *snicker* and another thing, its really hard to mess up boiling stuff. I'm a pretty good cook, although there are times when I mess things up. Anyhoo... Mom wrote me a note to give to Sandi telling her what a great job I did. That really cracked me up - so I set the note on Sandi's desk this morning. You know, I've been here at work for over 4.5 hours and I don't think I've spoke to any more than 4 people and that was just to say "good morning" as I was going to the restroom. Hmmm... best break out of my little cubical and do some socializing a bit later.