Tuesday, August 6

I went to bed early last night and slept like the dead for a change. I feel a lot better, but still somewhat yucky. Will keep my chin up and hopefully will keep getting better. Hope everyone has a great day!!! Reason to be cheerful: Great friends, old and new who cheer me up and care about me. This or That 1. What's your personal clothing style...trendy or classic? Hmmm... pretty much the middle of the road - not too classy and not trendy. I really don't like the trendy-teeny-bopper styles. I think the 70's styles should have stayed where they were - dead. 2. Do you shop for designer names or stick with the more generic brands? Not really designer, but when I find a good brand that fits, then I stick to it. The dresses I buy are from nice places but not designer. 3. Work clothes: dressy or casual? Dressy - dresses. 4. Days off style: dressy or casual? Casual - if I'm home, I'm a bum. 5. Women: high heels or flats? Men: Wing-tips or work boots? Flats mostly (sandals in summer!), some a little heel. Can't where spikes any more. 6. Do you have a large wardrobe, or just a few carefully selected pieces? Not really what I would call huge, but a lot of what is hanging in my closet I don't wear. 7. Do you shop for clothing at stores or from catalogs/internet? All of the above. I find most my dresses in catalogs - they've got a much better selection and are more my style. 8. Are most of your clothes dry-clean only or machine-washable? Most machine-washable. The dry cleaners are too expensive. UGH! 9. You buy an article of clothing and realize it is all wrong for you when you get home. Return or keep it? Depends... if its something that I will be able to wear (as I'm losing weight) I'll keep it. If not, I'll return it. 10. Hats: yes or no? No, but do look fab in a hat. Just don't go anywhere to wear a hat! Tuesday Too 1.) Is honesty always the best policy? Relate a plausible scenario where this might not be the case. I think in most cases, yes it is the best policy. I can't think of a scenario, but in some cases, its best not to be 100% honest if you're really going to hurt someone. 2.) Are you someone of who can't say no? If you're not, tell those of us who are, how to overcome the yes syndrome. I have trouble saying no at times, but have gotten better at it. Do like the drug compaign says, "Just Say NO" and practice it! 3.) What's your remedy for sleepless nights? Well, if I had a man in my bed I'd have fun on those sleepless nights. But until then, I watch taped episodes of the Brady Bunch or just watch some show I've seen a million times.