Friday, August 2

I got a call last night from that guy Bryan (from last weekend)... we talked for about 30 minutes, then he asked me out again! We're going to another movie tomorrow sometime, he's going to call me in the morning to sort out the details. When he asked me out again, he commented that "he hadn't scared me away yet." Hmmm... I laughed and said I think it would be the other way around! LOL!! I have a new nick name. Cream Puff. The other day when we had Leon's going away do, I brought in some cream puffs along with the other goodies. I ate one (soooo delicious!) and cream squirted out I guess I had quite a look on my face because I immediately thought naughty thoughts (no surprise there). Then my friends Sandi and Larry thought the same things... so they started calling me Cream Puff. Larry even made me a fake business card with the name! Yup, that's me. Cream Puff! Me thinks it fits quite well.