Saturday, August 31

Saturday-8: "Fly Me To The Moon ..."
  1. When was the last time you watched the sky and how was it? Last night. They sky was beautiful, so dark with the stars flickering brightly. Didn't see the moon though, it must have been hiding.
  2. If man in the moon was real, how does he look like? What does he do up there? He'd be a chubby, jolly man with a bright smile that warms your very soul. He'd sit up there and watch all of us on earth, laughing or shedding a tear with us.
  3. Have you ever made a wish when you saw a falling star? What was it? Yes, I have... and I can't tell or it won't come true!
  4. Which one you like better? The moon or the sun? Why? That's a tough one, I love the sun and the way it feels on my face, but I also really love the moon too, it gives me a peaceful feeling to see it.
  5. Imagine now you are walking under the moonlight. Where were you now? And who you were with? If you were with someone or some people, what were you doing now besides walking? I'm walking on a deserted beach with the man of my dreams. Kissing, holding hands, laughing, talking, running and chasing in the waves, then we'd fall into the sand and kiss passionately. (Yes, I am a true hopeful romantic!!)
  6. Is the moon female or male? Why you thought so? I think he's male... I guess it think that because of the "Man in the Moon" phrase.
  7. Who are the stars for the moon? Are they friends or family or strangers? Why? They'd have to be close family members, stars are after all planets.
  8. Have you ever wished walking in the moon? Not like what Michael Jackson did, but Neil Amstrong, of course ... If so, what would be the first thing you did once you were there? I think it would be so very peaceful up there. After I jumped up and down (playing with the non-gravity) then I'd take a good look at the earth and surrounding planets. It would be so beautiful, I think.