Friday, August 16

I went to see "The Adventures of Pluto Nash" starring Mr. Murphy. It was on the low scale of OK - didn't fall asleep, got a couple giggles but that was about it. Was disappointing because I thought it would be funnier - oh well. Linda and I were VERY bad. We usually never get anything to munch on during the movie, just our water. Well today, we had our water, popcorn, Abba Zabba taffy, and licorice. We never did break into the licorice, surprisingly enough, I guess we pigged out on the popcorn. We bought a large bag and we ate most of it. Now, since we did buy a large bag, we got free refills... so on the way out, I stopped off and got this big bag refilled. Damnit - they charge so much at least I could get more money out of the bag. LOL! I put the popcorn in my car, then Linda and I got in her car and drove to Applebee's... yes, we could actually eat after all that popcorn and taffy. We both discovered a new Cheesy Riblett Honey BBQ sandwich. Its to die for. THEN as if we hadn't eat enough, we decided to split a Blonde Brownie (heavenly white chocolate with walnut brownie, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, then topped with an incredibly decadent buttery topping). UGH, am I sick!!! Haven't been really bad like that for quite a while, and I suppose I deserve to once in a while. Linda took me back to my car, I got in and was overwhelmed by the incredible smell of WARM Buttery POPCORN! My car was hotter (from the heat) than those heat lamps they use in the theatre... I started laughing and had to call Linda on her cell and tell her. We both cracked up... I had to smell that delicious smell all the way home, but let me tell ya, I didn't have one piece of it! LOL!! I'm thinking despite my airing my car out, come Monday morning it will still smell like popcorn! Anyway when I got home, I gave the bag to the parents and they were elated. OK - now for a little griping. I'm financially challenged and live in the basement of my parent's house. Just a few minutes ago, I was sitting here, reading blogs when their phone rang... its not my phone, so I didn't answer it. It rang 4 times, then stopped (going to their machine). Then about 5 seconds go by and my phone starts ringing. Blasted! I'm guessing its one of my siblings and as soon as I pick up the phone, they're gonna say "Hi... where' s Mom and Dad?" How the hell should I know?! Sooooooooo irritating. Yup - I was right. It was Susie... now Susie, I love ya, but I wish you'd quit doing that!!! Leave a damn message on their machine and they'll call you back! So, the first thing was "Hi... what'cha doing?" (ok was wrong on my guess on that) I replied that I was online, then she said, "Oh, I see... where's Mom and Dad?" AAARRGHH!!!! I replied, "I don't know!" The conversation went on - she asked why I didn't know, and I told her (jokingly of course) that its not my turn to babysit them! Sheesh!