Thursday, August 15

Three for Thursday! A collaboration between Colin and I. 1. Have you ever had a nickname(s)? What is it and what's the story behind it? (Other than stupid names kids called each other) Well, to start with, "Kammy" because my friend couldn't say my name right. Dad still calls me Kammy on occasion, but Mom calls me "KB" or "Karen Bean", not sure why maybe because it rhymes with my middle name. Then I graduated to "Toad" because I had a dream that I was a mud wrestler and my name was Little Toad. Last but not least, "Cream Puff" and I've posted about that reason recently. 2. So you got stuck with a nickname that "didn't really describe the true you." What nickname would best suit you? (Superman/Superwoman, Bond...James Bond, Octopussy...well, you get the idea). Bubbles, the Power Puff Girl 3. Have you ever given anyone a nickname that stuck and what's the story there? My nephew Travis – "Gomer". Probably because he started out making fun of Gomer Pyle and Travis reminded me a little bit of him, so goofy (Travis definitely takes after me in that area). He’s almost 22 and I still call him Gomer. He calls me Auntie Karen Pooh so I guess we're even.