Wednesday, August 28

HumpDayHump Act IV Scene II: *We are sitting in Atlanta Bread Company having breakfast a bagel/sticky bun/muffin (you choose) talking to pass the time until I have to go and pick up my kidlets from school.* Quiet on the set!! Roll tape..... and....ACTION!! ME: Wow leaving my son at preschool is so hard. He bawls. He likes it but hates to leave mommy, you know? My mom and I are like best friends. We had some major fights when I was 13, 14, and 15 which were all my fault but other than that we are like best friends. Are you/were you close to your mom? You: I've always been closer to my Mom, she and I are a lot alike in the way that we're both so sensitive and tender hearted. Dad is great, but sometimes he doesn't have a clue, like most men. tee hee ME: I am trying to get them to school and pick them up everyday ON TIME! You know how I am always late! Hell, I was voted Most Likely To Be Late among other things in high school! At least I am consistent I always said. But no more! I will be on time!! Are you a late person or a punctual person? You: Pretty much punctual to a fault. I HATE to be late and the idea of being late stresses me out. ME: You know, I was talking to my best friend the other day about something I realized. It had to do with trust. I don't trust many people for various reasons mostly stemming from my own faults projected onto others. But once I trust someone, I am pretty much an open book. Do you have anyone you trust completely (besides me of course :o) ? You: I trust my best friends Linda, Sandi, Emma, Robin, Nancy and Colin explicitly. I can tell them just about anything and know I won't be judged and that the conversation will go no further. Oh, can't forget about my cat Ashley. ME: Who is your best friend right now? Do they know they are your best friend? What would you do if suddenly, due to unforseen circumstances, they weren't around tomorrow? You: All those I just mentioned, yes they know how special they are to me, at least I hope they do. I don't know what I'd do if I lost any one of them, I'd be devastated. ME: Is there anyone you would give your life for if the situation arose? Like "Take me not them!!". You: Again, any of the people I mentioned, or really anyone that had a spouse or children. When my sister-in-law passed away a few years back from complications of breast cancer, I wished He would have taken me instead. ME: OOoo! Look at the time! I only have thirty minutes left before I have to bolt! You wanna run into the Dollar Store? I love that place. You: OOOOHHH!! Yes! All-A-Dollar here we come! I love that store!! I hope they've got that yummy Creamsicle licorice, I'm addicted to that stuff! Mmmm! ME: By the way, do you remember Penny Racers? I loved those things. You: I don't remember those, the name is familiar but I can't place them :-( CUT!!!