Tuesday, August 13

Yesterday as I was coming through the base gate, the guard that checked my ID looked like he was barely awake and really grouchy. He didn't even take my ID and look (just looked from my hand), he just nodded me through. Didn't smile, say "have a nice day" or "thanks". So, I told him to have a nice day, and he made a grunting noise. I just giggled as I drove off, thinking someone really must have pissed in his cherios. This morning, I had the same guy again. No nod today, just a blink. I told him to have a nice day again, and he again grunted. I giggled again and went on my way. This man must really not be a morning person. Most of the guards are really great - despite having a crap job. They're keeping us safe so I always thank them as I pass through.