Thursday, March 13

YAY Blogger is finally working! I just finished posting this weeks 3 for Thursday. My answers are on my Meme site (button-link on my side bar). Go play! Wow, what a CRAZY day I've had. But its been good. I just have a few more things to do before I go home in 2 hours. Its nearly 70 degrees outside, and I'm leaving work at 2:30 (I'll be done with my 40 hrs then). I plan on driving home, changing clothes, grabbing my book, and sitting out on the deck for a while and bask in the glorious sunshine! Ahhh! I'm feeling just as great as I was yesterday. This is so wonderful! I slept so good last night, not waking up every time I move (because of the pain) is a luxury. I guess one thing about being in so much pain, is it sure makes you appreciate the little things! Well, I'm off to finish my work! I hope everyone is having a great day!!