Monday, March 3

OHOHOHOHOH... I'm soooooo tired! Busy day! We got the group pic taken, and it was kinda fun. We went to the Hill Air Force Base Museum and had it taken in one of the hangers. Then I went back to my office and started getting my PC taken apart and put some very light things in my car. We had a fun pizza party and everyone just sat around and chatted and laughed. I have so much stuff to put away still, but was able to set up my PCs and part of my desk. I'm just taking one box at a time and will work as I have time this week and next. Its my report and financials week so its going to be crazy anyway. Oh, shit! I have to do my Feb stats in the morning. Grumble. ;-) So... I'm off to bed early - I'm sure I over did things today despite trying to behave. Good night all!