Friday, March 28

I got a call from my general doc's office telling me that the iron IVs finally came in, and asked if I could get there in 50 minutes. Just finished cleaning, hadn't showered, but took the challenge. I made it. Its a good thing his office is 5 minutes away. He gave me the iron, and told me I needed to come back a couple more times, but my levels were coming up, finally. YAY. Then I came home, picked up Mom, and we were off again. We were craving Mexican, so we stopped off and got some cha, cha, cha - cheese enchiladas. Then we were fueled for shopping. We covered the pharmacy, the fabric store, Sam's Club, and Walmart. All in 3 hours. We were both exhausted by the time we got home. I only needed a couple things for a change, and today was her heavy shopping day. It was nice to be able to help HER for a change! We had a really nice talk in our travels today, about all sorts of things. I'm really enjoying my days out with my Mom. She's an incredible woman. I don't know what I'd do without her - or my Dad. Dad told Mom this morning that he's glad to see her getting out with me on Fridays. We both seem much more relaxed when we come home from lunch and shopping... I agree, but most of it is exhaustion. tee hee