Friday, March 14

Thanks for everyone's good wishes for my sis. She did great! They had me follow her around from place to place. There was one orderly that came to get her clothes bag, and asked if he could take my Red Sox baseball shirt that I was wearing too (the one my good friend Colin gave me. I laughed and said "NO WAY, but thanks..." Every time the guy walked by the room, he had to look in and smiled at me. LOL!! He was kinda cute, but probably only about 20! Way too young... although the stamina would be excellent... hmmm... damnit. Should have gotten his number. *snicker* JUST KIDDING! It was all very interesting what they did. When they did the needle biopsy two weeks ago, they put a small clamp where the bad tissue was. Today, they had to go in and put a wire around the clip (I watched on the ultrasound screen -cool!), then the surgeon could go in and remove all the tissue surrounding the wire and clip. We had a good chuckle over the wire sticking out of her boob - wondering if she could pick up radio stations, etc. Then after that was done, we had 2 hrs to wait until the surgeon was ready for her. We just chatted and she snoozed a bit while I CROCHETED!! My hands are so much better I thought I'd give it a try. The nurse kept walking by trying to get me to give her the doily I was working on. I also read from time to time but didn't get as much reading done as I thought I would. The surgery took about an hour, and the doc came out and told me all went well then an orderly came to get me and I went with her to recovery. We were there about an hour then they let me take her home. She didn't put her bra on to come home (and I DO not blame her, I didn't after my surgery either!). She opened the curtain and one boob was taped up with the bandage, and the other boob was hanging so low. We both cracked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looked so damn funny! She ended up carrying her empty clothes bag in front of the droopy boob. She let the "perky" one show. Then I said, "Hey Sue - you're a perfect example of "NOW and THEN!" We cracked up again and we kept giggling about it as we were walking to the car. We stopped off, got her pain pills and then a to-go order of Mexican food that she was craving then I took her home. Mom will be going over shortly to spend time with her since she can't be alone for 24 hrs. Susie just wanted to go home, she didn't want to stay here and I can't blame her. Anyhoo... that was my day! I'll try and get around and visit you tonight, but it may be tomorrow. Have a great night! Toodles!