Wednesday, March 19

Still battling with Fed Ex. The two boxes they claimed were found Monday night turned out to be just one, despite the two different agents telling me two different tracking numbers were found. Still one more hasn't been found. Fed Ex, you have my undying love. It really sucks that my company has a contract with these people or I'd use someone else. Next workshop shipment will have written on each box (in marker): the tracking number and the address its going to. So there should be absolutely no excuse for anything getting lost. I did get some good news yesterday afternoon. Melody from the clinical trial I'm on called and said I have been approved for the study to get the REAL medication and not the placebo! I go next Wednesday to get x-rays and start the shots again. Which is a really good thing because the pain of the flare is coming back. Its not bad enough for pain pills yet though, and I'm hoping it won't get that bad before next week. My gastro doc called Monday night to see how I was doing with my Ulcerative Colitis. I had 3 relatively good days out of 7, but still have problems. Then he said, "Well, maybe the Nexium (for my acid reflux) is causing the diarrhea." Me thinkging - not bloody likely because not much has changed since before I started taking the Nexium! So, anyway, he had me stop in yesterday afternoon for some samples of another med to try for a week. If there is no change, then he'll put me back on the Nexium. Which is a damn good thing because I just paid $70 for a 90 day supply of the Nexium. But, we'll see what happens, its worth a shot. OK... enough health stuff. Here are pics of my new home away from home... my cubical... nice and cozy, huh? Or should I say CROWDED? (click for larger image - and maximize the window) The far cubical is where I do my mailing for the software engineering mag we publish.
After 8.5 years of working in a room without windows... I now have one, and its huge. Its so great to see the light of day!!! Greg's cube is to the left (just behind me) and Timster's is on the right. They've got a lot less shit/stuff than I do. LOL! But I have many different responsibilities so that's how it goes.
Well, I best go and get some work done. Have a fantastic Hump Day!