Thursday, March 13

OHOHOHOH! It is soooooo nice outside! I got home about 3pm and headed right outside. Took my CD player, my book, got a chair out and lounged and read. The sun felt incredible! I stayed out for about 45 minutes, then came in because the wind picked up. It was 75! YES! Spring has sprung, at least for a few days. They say to expect snow on Monday. So typical of a Utah Spring. The weather never makes up its mind what its going to do. My sister Susie called me to tell me what time she needed to be at the hospital in Salt Lake tomorrow. 6:30am. So we've got to leave her apartment at 5:30. She's having a lump in her breast removed. She's already had a needle biopsy and we know its not cancer, but they're "active" cells. Just her and I are going down, which is great. Our other sis, Kathy (the pain in the ass) wanted to go down too, but Susie said "No thanks, Karen is taking me and we'll be fine." Good thing, cuz sitting in a waiting room with Kathy for 5-6 hours is more than I could stand. I can't stand being in the room with her for 5-6 minutes! I'm taking my book (historical romance, with explicit naughty parts of course *snicker*) with me, so I will be well entertained. I'm still feeling pretty good, I'm just really tired - fatigue from both the RA and still being anemic. I'm craving meat like crazy... yeah, OK, you guessed it, a couple types of *meat* and the books I read really doesn't help with getting rid of one of the types of cravings. *snicker* I'm going to be a good girl and head to bed early tonight. I've got 4 episodes of Days of Our Lives to watch! Toodles!!!