Thursday, March 6

I'm here at work, sitting in the dark. The only light coming from my two computer screens and an overhead desk lamp. LOL! The light switches are in one of the front offices that belongs to Dan, and it seems that he had a lock put on his door yesterday... I don't think he comes in for at least another hour and a half. Hmmm... well, I've been told I do my best work in the dark! *snicker* Too bad there isn't a sexy guy here with me. I am having such a good day so far! I'm hurting, but not bad enough to take a pain pill! . In fact, the last pain pill I took was last night before bed. I know its hugely because of all the healing vibes, prayers, and thoughts from everyone. You all kept me going when I was at the worst. Its going to be another busy day today, but hopefully I can get all the priority stuff done so I can enjoy my weekend. My Aunt Lou Jean came down from Idaho last night. She slept on the couch downstairs (where I live) and I got up around 10 to go potty and she was up reading so we chatted for a little while. She's such a dear. I just love her to pieces. She and her daughter Brenda are taking my Mom with them to Southern Utah for the weekend. Mom really needs to get away. Mom is still so worried about me, she's asked me at least 10 times this week if I'm sure it will be OK if she goes. I told her to pack her bags. Besides taking such good care of me, she's also had to deal with that lazy sister Kathy of mine so she really needs a break. Lou Jean told me last night that she was needing to get away from Kathy. Dad will still be home, so it will be interesting to see how things go. I'm really not gonna worry about it... I'll stay downstairs as much as I can and just concentrate on getting well, and perhaps doing some things I've been needing to do. OK... I've babbled enough... I need to get some work done. Have a great Thursday!!!