Friday, March 7

I got my cleaning done today - YAY! I took things easy, but was able to do a more thorough job so it feels good to have it clean. I just love things to be clean - something I inherited from my Mom. I rested for a while, then got ready and headed to town to run my errands. I had a gastro doc appt and not much change from last week, so he's got to figure out what to do with me. He's going to call my RA doc on Monday so they're both on the same page, which I feel better about. I need to call on Tuesday to see what they decide. I got my hair done too!! She highlighted it in two different shades, my original color (dark blonde) and blonde. I really love the way it turned out. Then I just got a trim, because I've been growing it out. She's a little concerned that my hair has gotten thinner, but its no wonder with all my body has been through in the past few months between the RA and the stomach probs. I could have fallen asleep when she was shampooing my hair, I don't know what it is about it, but it relaxes me beyond belief. She even shampooed it twice because I was enjoying it so much. I saw my nephew Adam while I was there too, he got his hair cut while I was waiting for the highlights to take effect. He's going to the Sr Prom tomorrow night. My little buddy has grown up. He and his bro Travis are so special to me. I paid my bills last night (so depressing), and ordered my prescriptions through a mail-in order place, where I'll get a 90-day supply. The co-pays are killing me month by month, and I found out I had the benefit of the 90-day supply, so I'm taking advantage of it. I paid $400 in co-pays though which REALLY hurts all at once!! Holy Shit! But, doing it this way, I'll save $130 every 3 months. From now on, I'll put away $65 from each pay check for the next go-around. It won't be hard since that money (and then some!) would have been going to the pharmacy anyway. I'm going to be a bum tonight and watch the Scorpian King. I borrowed the DVD from Susie last weekend and haven't been able to watch it yet so tonight is the night! Good night!! :-)