Monday, March 31

Nicole just yelled over the cubical wall that "Michael *pause* Hunt" just called for me, and was looking for my number but she accidentally hung up on him while trying to transfer his call. Yeah, right like I'm gonna fall for that one!!!!!!!!! So I went over to her cubical and she said that was really the name he gave. He said that I'd sent him an e-mail earlier today and I didn't include my phone number. Then I said, "Why didn't he just reply to my e-mail then?" Nicole said, "Because he'd deleted your e-mail." I started laughing and told her it was a nice try, and thanks for the laugh. Then I started walking away and remembering a Michael XXXXX that I'd e-mailed earlier, and she said "YES, that's him." He'd replied thanking me for the info I sent him, so I decided to say "you're welcome - and by the way if that was you that Nicole just hung up on, she's sorry and gave him my number." I worded it differently, professionally of course, but I'll feel like a dork if it really wasn't him and it was a joke. LOL! Oh well... got a good laugh out of it anyway!