Monday, March 24

OMG - what a MONDAY! I was really busy - and I just realized I didn't even post anything today. Shame on me. I am even in a really good mood which is odd for a Monday! I have something - somewhat of an exciting thing on the horizon but I'm not spilling my guts until its planned. This is something I've waited for for a long time now, and now it might happen. I had to get some database stuff done first thing this morning then spent most of the remainder of the day mailing 373 April issues of the defense software mag we publish - to new subscribers as well as people who updated their addresses (it takes a couple of months to get into the regular mailing system). Shanae was a sweetheart and helped me too. Nothing much has happened today, all quiet on this front. I did just get a new leather chair for my desk! Weeeee! Its really comfy. Everyone got one and my boss assembled mine for me. He's one of the few men that I've seen that actually reads instructions. tee hee Have a great night everyone!