Monday, March 3

I decided on the new burgundy dress for the pictures today. I showed it to my sis Susie last night and she flipped over it. I don't feel quite so frumpy in it today, I guess it helps having the nylons and shoes with it, so help complete the outfit. tee hee I'm not having so much pain today, which feels so great. But then, I got up at 2am and took a pain pill ;-) gotta do what I gotta do. I figured I'll be moving about quite a bit today, since we'll be finishing moving offices/buildings today. At least I hope so - I'm ready to go. We're having a pizza party here at lunch time - as both a reward and a farewell to this building. It should be fun. Even though this move has been a pain in the butt, I think it will turn out to be a good move... especially since it should save me about 5 to 10 minutes travel time. Have a great Monday everyone - if that's possible ;-).