Thursday, March 20

I just got a call from a Fed Ex Rep that I'd never dealt with before, telling me they just found 5 of the documents. Not bad odds out of the 100 that were lost! I couldn't help but giggle... and she asked me what I wanted her to do with them. I said "You can toss them for all I care, I just gave your company a bill for $1238.18 to replace all the materials that were lost." Expensive mistake for them, but I really doubt they even blinked an eye. How sad is that?! No wonder its expensive to ship things, we have to pay for their insurance. Today is going pretty good - I have just over an hour to go. YAY! Our internet is really sucking though, I take little breaks and can't even see the majority of the blogs for some reason. Rude, huh? Oh well, I'll have to catch up tonight or tomorrow. Toodles for now!