Wednesday, March 19

Looks like the Fed Ex issue is finally coming to a close. For one thing, the workshop is over and I have found which materials where lost. One box that was received yesterday had some documents (2 docs each for 50 students) in it (supplementary for the workshop) that were wet, and just tossed in the box. Not packed straight, they just threw the docs in box. Nice, huh? So, Fed Ex has to replace all the damaged and lost documents. Kinko's is working on an estimate for me, then re-run the materials and Fed Ex will be entrusted once again - at their cost - to deliver them to the customer and they'll distribute the docs to the attendees. Thank goodness the workshop binders with the slides were in the 3 boxes that did arrive. Although 5 were damaged, and those will be replaced as well. For future reference - anyone who deals with Fed Ex, here's some tips to ensure delivery: 1. Take a copy of the air bill and place it inside the box before taping it up. 2. Write the "to" address in marker on the box as well as the air bill number. 3. Put clear tape over the address and air bill number so if it does get wet, nothing smears. Live and learn... my question is, why doesn't Fed Ex tell people to do this on a regular basis? Wouldn't it save us and THEM a lot of headaches and money? Me thinks it would! Its been a pretty good day all in all. A little less stressful than it has been the first two days. I even had a chance here and there to do some blog hopping! I'm so tired though, and ready to go home. One more work day for me - Yahoo!!