Monday, March 17

The really really mad/ugly side came out of me today. Fed Ex lost 3 out of 6 boxes of workshop materials that were supposed to be delivered to Ohio this morning at 10:30. The workshop starts at 8am tomorrow, with 50 students. I talked to 3 different Fed Ex reps, each tracking one of the packages. Needless to say, they've all been ripped new assholes, and they probably wish they'd never come into work today. I was livid enough to spew venom. My boss sat back and listened to me, and applauded every time I got off the phone. I know shit happens, but this is unexceptable. One box was broken open, one box was seperated from its airbill, and the other one at long last has been found and is on its way (but won't arrive until tomorrow morning - as the workshop starts). They say they're still searching for the other two, to find out what happened to them. Fed Fucking Ex - thank you for ruining my day - as well as making a workshop so nice for 50 people. Bravo. They say they won't charge us for the lost boxes, but that doesn't do any good when it comes to getting the materials there. This is one of the main reasons I HATE waiting until the last minute to get things done, no room for errors. I talked to the project manager and he was starting to blame the whole thing on Larry for not getting the materials to me on time, but it wasn't the case (this time - tee hee) due to schedules of Larry and two other consultants getting the materials done, it was impossible to get it to me sooner. Kinko's did a great job getting the job done on time and I made it all clear to the project mgr. I've got such a headache! Thanks again Fed Fucking Ex! I know... calm down, calm down... count to 10,000 and maybe I will be. OH! got a meeting! gotta run so I'm done bitching. ;-)